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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kate Lord Brown Is My Weekend Guest

Please pop over to Bookersatz to find out what book my special weekend guest, Kate Lord Brown, would take to a desert island with her.

You can read my review of Kate's own book, 'The Beauty Chorus', which I found a fantastic read here.

If you're interested in my workshops or email critiques you can now find full details here. Please get in touch at helen-hunt1(at)sky(dot)com if you have any questions.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned. I'll be writing today and tomorrow I'll be investgating why the buddleia bush in my back garden has collapsed. I suspect cat sabotage.


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Lots of luck with the courses, Helen. I'd definitely attend if I lived nearer.


Amanda said...

Will pop over now! :-)

Unknown said...

Will take a look now.

Bernadette said...

I now have visions of a stripy cat in a black mask sneaking guiltily away from the buddleia.

(I must watch too much children's TV when I should be writing.)

HelenMWalters said...

That'll be Jasper, Bernadette!

Denise Covey said...

Hello Helen. Thanks for visiting. I wish I was close enough to come enjoy your workshops. Great that you're starting this venture. I wish you every success.


Talli Roland said...

Headed over!