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Thursday, 28 March 2013

100 Ways To Fight The Flab by Jane Wenham-Jones

100 Ways To Fight The Flab

by Jane Wenham-Jones

We all get writers' bottom from time to time, don't we? Let's face it, any profession that involves spending most of your time sitting on said bottom whilst cramming your face with cake/chocolate/crisps/wine* is almost bound to result in a few ballast-related problems isn't it? *delete as applicable* *or not

But you can stop worrying. Jane Wenham-Jones has the answer. This book is not just a diet book. This is a diet book that will make you laugh. And we all know that laughing uses up calories. So that's good.

Jane's tips range from the sensible (eat little and often, use a pedometer to make sure you're moving enough) to the marvellously frivolous (pretend you weigh much more than you do). Jane also explains the stroke of genius which is the 'shelf' diet. You'll need to buy the book to find out what that is and how it works.

I won't be able to take up the bewildering array of fitness techniques including stairs which Jane outlines, as unfortunately I live in a bungalow. However, I will be taking her advice on all the other things I might be able to do in order to make my bottom a tiny bit less lardy.

Jane is now also running a 100 Ways to Fight the Flab Tip-writing Competition

The prize is a week at the wonderful Chez Castillon

So, if you want to fight the flab, there's nothing to stop you! You can buy Jane's book here.


Deborah Carr said...

Jane's books are always so funny, so I'm sure this one is going to be too.

javediqbal said...
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