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Friday 29 April 2016

Late Checkout by Alex Walters

Exciting news! My husband has a new book coming out soon and you can read the blurb here.

LATE CHECKOUT by Alex Walters             

DCI Kenny Murrain sees, hears and feels things that others do not.  It’s a gift but also a curse. 

            When he wakes to the phantom sound of screaming he knows a murder has been committed but not where or why. 

            Then a woman’s body is found in a Stockport hotel room.  It’s a murder that seems both frenzied and carefully planned, the scene expertly cleansed of any evidence.

            Over the following days, more bodies are discovered, first in an upmarket spa on the Pennine moors, then in a run-down budget hotel on the outskirts of Manchester.
The same frenzied attacks, the same meticulous planning.  The same killer.

            The victims all have links to one man, a police colleague with a dark past.  But Murrain discovers a more unexpected connection—with Marie Donovan, a former undercover officer now part of Murrain’s own team.  

            As the killer closes in on a fourth victim, Murrain knows that time is running out.  But the outcome will be more unexpected and more terrifying than even he can imagine…

Praise for Alex Walters

‘A talent to be reckoned with … A strong story line, muscular prose and a real sense of pace…a police procedural for a new age’  - Daily Mail

‘…Right up there with the best police procedural thrillers of the last few years.  Expect to hear much more of Walters in the future.’ – Mark Timlin

To find out more and hear news about the book as it's announced, you can like his Facebook page here, and follow him on Twitter at @MikeWalters60 

Saturday 16 April 2016

The Finding Of Martha Lost by Caroline Wallace

The Finding Of Martha Lost

‘The Finding Of Martha Lost’ takes the reader on a healing journey. With Martha we find out what it is like to be lost and what it might take to be found.

There are lots of fairy tale like elements to the story. A child abandoned in a suitcase, secret tunnels, a hidden library and the appearance of a roman soldier. They all mix together to make an enchanting and bewitching read.

I loved the setting in Liverpool, specifically in and around Lime Street station, and the lovely touches about The Beatles and their history, which draw poignant parallels with Martha’s own situation.

Martha is a fabulously quirky and well-drawn character and I found her, and the unexpectedness of her actions, to be one of the highlights of the book. I also loved William, another lost soul just needing to be found, who lives in the tunnels under Lime Street for heartbreaking reasons of his own.

This novel is a beautiful journey as we travel with Martha to find out the truth about herself, and the world and people around her. There are tears along the way, but also plenty of joy and laughter.

I highly recommend this delightful read which will have you believing in fairy tales again. Not to mention love, happiness and the importance of dancing to jukeboxes and eating cake.

Thanks very much to the publishers for a review copy of this book.

You can find out more here.