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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rosy Thornton - This Weekend's Guest On Bookersatz

I'm very lucky to have another lovely weekend guest on Bookersatz. Novelist Rosy Thornton has written a very evocative review of 'A Month In The Country' by J L Carr. I now feel like I not only want to read the book, but also watch the film which stars the delicious Colin Firth. Sigh.

Regular readers of Bookersatz and this blog will know that I've really enjoyed reading Rosy's own books. You can find my reviews of 'The Tapestry Of Love' here and 'Crossed Wires' here.

My plans for the rest of the weekend involve reading, sleeping, watching television and gardening. I hope you all have a good one.


Rosy T said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to join your guest review series, Helen!

Talli Roland said...

Headed over to have a read!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, Helen.

Popping over to read the review now.