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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Gone To Ground by Rachel Amphlett

Gone To Ground

I have been following Rachel Amphlett's Kay Hunter series from the beginning and have really enjoyed all of them. You can read my reviews of two of the earlier books here

In this latest book, Rachel Amphlett is on fine form. 

When a series of body parts start to turn up in various locations around the Kent countryside, Kay and her colleagues are at a loss. There's a real sense of mystery here and a great plot set up. Despite the unpromising circumstances, they identify the first body, and then a second. But what links the two? And why on earth would their killer be cutting them up and leaving bits of their bodies by the roadside.

One thing that does become clear is that the killer is very dangerous and will almost certainly strike again. Kay and her team need to stop them before they kill any more people. As the investigation progresses, Kay and her team find themselves investigating an interesting set of possible suspects. In parallel to this they also start to unravel the backgrounds of the victims.

As always the characterisation is deftly done and Kay's relationship with her colleagues, and also her husband is vividly drawn. A little light relief is offered by husband, Adam, bringing his work as a vet home again. This time in the shape of a miniature goat that seems intent on destroying the garden.

Overall a great read with tension, pace and a gripping and unusual plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks very much to the author for a review copy of this book.

You can find out more and buy a copy here.

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